Field Haven

You Can Help Save the Lives of Cats & Kittens!

The mission of UniTEGRITY is to bring meaning and compassion into every block produced.  We do this by providing stake, trust, network resources, community involvement and reliability to the Cardano blockchain network.  As a reward the network delivers reliable yield in the form of the native currency ADA, which UniTEGRITY uses to maintain the network, produce yield for its stakeholders, and consistently sponsor the adoption of kittens (or cats). For each block that our CatTEGRITY node produces we will donate 100 ADA to Field Haven cat rescue to sponsor the adoption of a kitten or full grown cat.



You Stake with UniTEGRITY

Visit your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet and delegate your stake with our pools.

Public Pool: Launching Soon

Private Pool: UniTEGRITY-Felix



Visit our Telegram channel, join our Facebook, or reach out to us directly. 

We’re available to help. 



Generate REWARDS

By following the rules, building a community, pooling our resources, acting responsibly, and governing with equality we can earn compounding rewards together and save kittens, for every block produced we will be donating 100 ADA to Field Haven.